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Welcome to the New Mukti Clinic website. We, at New Mukti Clinic, have been providing treatment and support to thousands of patients since our inception in 1999. Our programs have saved and changed the lives of some of the most vulnerable men, women, and adolescents in our community.

As substance abuse and problems of mental illness become more widespread in our changing society, we have redoubled our efforts and techniques towards de-addiction and recovery from mental illness.

Whether you are visiting our site as someone who is seeking help or whether you are someone who supports our cause – we hope you find our website useful and welcome your feedback.

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New Mukti Clinic started it’s journey on October 1999 at Elephant Road in Dhaka. At that time it had only 10 bed. Then on October 2002 it opened a new branch at Mohammadpur, Dhaka. Within a very short time New Mukti Clinic has become popular because of quality service. On 2005 it felt the necessity to increase it’s area. And then in South Kallyanpur, it provided 35 bed facility.

Day by day, it has become more & more popular. By considering demand, New Mukti Clinic has arrange a beautiful environment with enormous great features & facilities at 19 Green Road, A.K Complex, Dhaka from 2012. New Mukti Clinic is passing 17 years of success with goodwill & trust. Till now it has provided quality treatment to 8,500 patient. Now New Mukti Clinic is the best treatment center for mental illness & drug addiction in Bangladesh.


Mission & Vision


Our mission is to dedicate our multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, medical doctors and other medical staff to provide the most effective treatment for each patient.

Our vision is to cure all kinds of psychological and drug-related problems and realize a society free from substance-abuse, in which citizens reach their full potential and are meaningfully engaged in work, family and community life.


Our Team


We are really lucky. Because we have got a sincere, industrious, dedicated, and skilled team. All of the team members are devoted to provide the best service to our patients. All are co-


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